In a few sentences, please answer the following questions:

Is there a real threat to the US water supply? Is it possible to protect the physical infrastructure given the vastness of the infrastructure?

The Federal government requires a certain level of vulnerability assessment and resultant safety measures for drinking water plants. Should it require the same level for wastewater treatment facilities?

Given all the problems associated with chlorine storage, should drinking water plants be required to switch to other purification methods?

What additional steps should the government take to protect the water supply from bio-terrorism or chemical contamination?

Much of the water infrastructure is managed and controlled remotely via SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Typically, these are connected to networks, such as the internet, where hackers might engage in malicious activity. Do private and local authorities understand this potential threat of a cyber attack on the water system?

Why is it so difficult for local water authorities to identify threats to their product which is critical to sustain human life?

Is the USG doing enough to secure our water supply? Should the Federal government take on a stronger role?

The major break in the water pipes in the DC Metro area on River Road in Bethesda Maryland on December 23, 2008, caused serious problems for customers and for the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC). A similar incident occurred in Dundalk (Baltimore), Maryland on September 21, 2009 when a 72-inch water main broke causing a waist-high river of water to flow through the neighborhoods. There are many other recent incidents in the DC Metro area. Is this an omen of failing infrastructure? Could a terrorist duplicate these as an attack scenario?

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Unfortunately there is seen existence of threat to US water supply infrastructural system. At first place, these threats are seen as biological. Protecting of the physical infrastructure is very complex and complicated due to its hugeness. But, there are already taken certain steps in this field that are being constantly developed. Currently, this protection mechanism includes physical security of the facilities provided by responsible organizations and improved measures of control....

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