1. The readings indicate that DHS does not have the clout to take the leadership role in coordinating and directing the response to a large scale disaster. Is this a fair assessment of DHS?

2. The National Response Plan (Dec 2004) should have been the framework for the response to an event like Hurricane Katrina. What went wrong? 

3. Various agencies have divergent opinions on the value and merits of the "Red Card" system. Do we need a "Red Card" system for all categories of first responders?

4. Is planning enough to deal with man-made and natural disasters? Are other preparations needed?

5. How should a national emergency response system fit into the current organizational structure?

6. Was Hurricane Katrina the "canary in the coal mine" warning us of our shortfalls in response capabilities for natural or man-made disasters, or was it just an unfortunate cascading of a number of bad management decisions? Did the "lessons learned" from Katrina improve responses to Hurricane Sandy? How would you compare the responses to the two incidents?

7. Is the private sector - commercial entities and individual citizens - properly incorporated into planning and responding to large scale disasters? Has the big Washington bureaucracy overlooked the role of the man on the street or the leaders of tiny town municipalities?

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1. Despite the implications regarding lack of power in DHS concerning its directing leading role in sense of large disaster handling, this is not fair assessment of DHS. Although the acting of Department of Homeland Security in case of hurricane Katrina was marked as failure, the struggle for resolving this catastrophe was huge (Moynihan, 2012). Unfortunately, the disaster of such a scope as Katrina cannot be foreseen. The public often forget that in such events, the fast acting is of...

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