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Write 3 original sentences using these terms and based on the legal definitions:
1. Statutory Lien - A type of nonconsensual lien that is created automatically by law. Examples of statutory liens are mechanic's liens and materialman's liens
2. Tax Lien - A type of nonconsensual lien that is imposed by Federal, state and local governments in response to delinquent taxes. Tax liens are almost never eliminated by the bankruptcy process.
3. Judicial Lien - A type of nonconsensual lien that is created against a person's property by a petitioner who wins a monetary judgment in a lawsuit against that person and then takes the additional steps needed to record a lien against the property.

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Statutory lien: Statutory lien refers to the right or authority, of securing or restricting the use of property against failure of paying owed debts, which is being provided to an individual by the prevailing laws of statutory or governing bodies and enforceable under varying circumstances...

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