Healthcare Management

Text Book No 1: Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems (L-D)

Text Book No 2:The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization (W-G)

1. Discussion
a. You will submit 1 thought-provoking question.
b. Your question needs to exhibit students’ understanding and ability to apply the concepts from readings (Book 1-Ch 1 and Book 2-Ch 1) to a pertinent work project (preferably healthcare). The question can have multiple parts and should provoke a discussion. Questions that are yes/no oriented do not generally reflect an understanding and application of the concepts.
c. Types of acceptable questions include, but are not limited to:
i. How the theories relate to specific projects
ii. How theories can be adopted in work places
iii. How to apply concepts/theories in professional and personal lives

2. Please answer the following question in 250 words or less. Write two things that you learned from this week's (Ch 1-Book 1 and Ch 1-Book 2) readings and how you can apply those concepts in your current position (Clinical Trial Assistant with ICON Clinical Research).

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1. In The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization we read that opportunities for improvement (OFI’s) are complex and need to be coordinated by a process improvement council (PIC), which is “usually closely linked with senior management.” We also read that each individual member of...

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