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q1) The doctrine of parliament sovereignty and membership of EU are fundermentally incompatible

q2) The rights to peaceful democratic protest can never be absolute. The rights must be subject to conditions laid down by the law and must be balanced against the need for public order.(does this question relate to Rule Of Law?)

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1. Doctrine of Parliament Sovereignty and membership of the EU are fundamentally incompatible for several reasons. Throughout the development and expansion of the European Union, challenges to the U.K.’s sovereignty and independence have been faced withrobust internal opposition and intense Parliamentary debate. Watts, Duncan, and Colin Pilkington. "Sovereignty and Constitutional Change." Britain in the European Union Today. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2005. 106.
First, there is the presumption that Parliament cannot use its powers in an unauthorised manner. Despite the lack of written constitutional limits set forth on Parliament,it has been long established that certain...

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