The completed assignment should be 10 pages double-spaced (if you find your plan requires significantly more space, please contact me to discuss it). It is imperative that you include a cover page for your plan that describes the organization type that your plan is written for (i.e. is your plan designed for a large public hospital or for a single physician in private practice with no partners).
Use a combination of posted compliance plans for the foundation of your final compliance plan. The purpose of this assignment is to think through the necessary aspects of a compliance plan, not to re-invent the wheel. Therefore use the compliance plans that you research and read about on the threaded discussion board as your foundation for this assignment. That said, this should be a novel work. If you quote from an established compliance plan, give a citation. When at all possible, paraphrase or rephrase into your own words to help create a novel document of your own origin.
Paper must include the following “13” elements to a Compliance Plan:
2.Organizational structure
3.Auditing and Monitoring
4.Patient Care
5.Hospital Written policies and standards
6.Designation of Compliance Officer
7.Conducting effective training & education and evaluation
8.Addressing Concerns & Complaints/Responding to detected offenses, internal investigations & Corrective action
9.Handling Concerns & Complaints/Effective lines of communication
10.Enforcement of standards through well publicized disciplinary guidelines
12.Assessing the Compliance Program

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

1. Introduction
Park Shore Hospital (“Park Shore”) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization formed in 2003 with a vision to cater superior and cost-effective healthcare and treatment facilities to the citizens of our community and, thus, providing quality health services to the community as a whole. It is Park Shore’s upmost priority to ensure that this vision is attained and continuously maintained effectively and excellently. Based on this, Park Shore finds it imperative to have a strong Healthcare Compliance Program depicting the “Code of Conduct” that outlines the fundamental principles of the Hospital’s Compliance Program. The following Compliance Plan (“Plan”) details this Code by laying out the policies that will guide the conduct and practices mandated by the Compliance Program. By promoting accountability and implementing measures for violations of such policies, this will not only ensure that the highest standards of practices are met, but will also ensure that employee conduct is in compliance with applicable State and Federal rules and regulations.

2. Organizational Structure
The organizational structure of Park Shore consists of its founding members, the President, in the highest authority, the Vice-President, and the Board of Directors. More specifically, the Compliance Program (“Program”) will be overseen and led by an appointed Compliance Officer (“Officer”), who will take the leadership position in ensuring that the Plan is properly integrated and in accordance with the Program.This Officer will report to the Compliance Committee (“Committee”), which will be composed of various department heads and administrative personnel to review the work of the Officer. As stated above, this Plan details the specific policies expected to be followed by employees of Park Shore. The term “employees” refers to all Park Shore personnel, including but not limited to management, staff, agents, allies, etc., who...

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