The project involves selecting a court case regarding any segment of the travel industry. It must be 4 pages long, double spaced and explain what the case was about, including facts, the results, whether there was an appeal and whether you agree or disagree with the decision. The most important aspects of your paper and what should be the major portion of the paper, should be your explanation as to why you agree or disagree with the decision.

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This case involves the degree of duty imposed upon hotels and innkeepers with regards to its guests. On March 6, 2006, Sidney Rasnick, a 77-year old man from Texas, checked into Motel Jessup, a motel located in Georgia. He was to stay there for a few days while on a work assignment. The facts indicate that he spoke to his wife, Virginia Rasnick (“Rasnick”) quite a few times a day. On March 12th, Rasnick was unable to reach her husband and, thus, called the motel numerous times hoping to get her husband medical assistance. The motel refused to check on her husband, despite her voiced concerns that he might be in serious danger. On March 13th, Sidney Rasnick was found lying on the floor of his motel room by a housekeeper. An ambulance was called for him because he was unable to get up. He died shortly thereafter. An autopsy of his body showed that he died from untreated coronary disease and enlargement of the heart. At the trial, a medical professional testified that it was reasonably certain Sidney Rasnick would not have died if he received medical assistance on March 12th....

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