Write a 2-page review/reaction essay to an important jazz album.
All tracks and soloists on the album should be addressed in the paper, though you are free to emphasize certain solos or tracks over others.
This is not a research project!
I am interested in your listening ability and reaction to a full jazz album.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

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I chose to listen to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. The only research I did was to find out who the musicians were, but I found that it was not very useful, either because referring to Miles as the trumpet player was obvious, or because in the case of the two saxophonists, I could not tell if I was listening to John Coltrane or Julian Adderly. The six tracks on Kind of Blue are 1) “So What,” 2) “Freddie Freeloader,” 3) “Blue in Green,” 4) “All Blues” and 5) “Flamenco Sketches.”
“So What” has a medium swing tempo...
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