External Validation
In preparation for this project assignment, review the External Validation Scoring Guide to identify the grading criteria. Refer to the course project description to see how this assignment relates to the Management Education Course Design Project as a whole.
External validation allows educators to examine programs and courses in light of recent trends, globalization, discipline demands, and even sociopolitical implications. It is an opportunity to distinguish the curriculum from other colleges and universities. Based on your chosen topic and the articles you selected in Unit 2, conduct an external validation of the topic and design of the course you are developing as follows:
• Evaluate current literature:
o Study conference materials (within the last two years).
o Research current scholarly journals and articles (within the last two years).
o Research professional organizations that are related to the topic, and examine the standards relevant to your course.
o Research college programs related to the topic and examine the standards relevant to your course.
• Summarize how your course's approach will be unique to existing practices.
Your external validation should be 5–8 pages in length. Submit your paper to this assignment.

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Recently, graduates have seen the need of pursuing higher education of management courses immediately upon graduating. Time has been their major obstacle since many have their days wrapped between jobs and family. These commitments have lead to the increased use of e-learning facilities. In this discussion, the paper will look at how e-learning fulfills all the six requirements of the Bloom’s Taxonomy and whether or not it should be adopted.

In this modern era, education has proved to be a very vital tool or weapon for survival. Due to increase in demand for education, learning institutions have come with a variety of avenues that one can use to secure a good education. One of the ways that the education institutions have opted to use in the recent past is online learning. Globalization that has equally contributed to the advancement in technology has seen the communication sector grow. The expansion of the industry has led to the advancement of education through the internet. Many employers put much consideration on skilled, talented and educated employees. The demand for management training has drastically improved in the recent past.
The primary aim of this paper is to show how people can gain access to information and education on management even with their tight schedule. The paper is going to look at the manifestation of online learning in today’s world. The paper will analyze the pros and cons of e-learning prior to coming to a conclusion.

Arkoful, V, and Abaidoo, N. (2014). The role of re-learning, the advantages and disadvantages of its adoption in higher education: International Journal of Education and Research. 2, pp. 307-404
This article is very vital to this discussion. The report shows both the relevance and irrelevance of having an online education. The article goes ahead and gives us an insight of prior research’s and contributions made by scholars on the subject of online education. The research’s and contributions mentioned in this article mainly give the different definitions of e- learning as perceived by various scholars. The article goes ahead and looks at the contributions e-learning in higher education in relation to the process of teaching and learning. Finally, the article gives the pros and cons of e-learning....

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