Write a Case Study of the Attitudes and Perceptions of Female Students from Saudi Arabia with regard to Mathematics Education

The research questions are as follows;
• How do girls in Saudi Arabia perceive Mathematics?
• How do girls in Saudi Arabia experience Mathematics in school?
• How does the perceptions about Mathematics impact university choices?
• What role does families play in the perception of Mathematics in the Saudi Arabian family?
• How does Saudi Arabian culture impact familial perspective with regard to Mathematics?
• What are the similarities and differences between Saudi Arabian males and females about the study of Mathematics?

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The literature on the perspectives and attitudes with regard to Mathematics within the context of Saudi Arabian culture asserts and indicates a differential in perspectives and attitudes between males and females. Within Saudi Arabian society men are esteemed and viewed as being greater than their female counter parts in terms of hierarchy and social status. This attitude and perspective negatively impacts national view on the subject of Mathematics. The research readily ...
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