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Read and evaluate an article "The contribution of the Responsive Classroom Approach on children's academic achievement: Results from a three year longitudinal study" by Sara Rimm-Kaufman

Write one paragraph discussing how the information could be important or not from the perspective of a policy maker or applied from the perspective of an education practitioner.

Write one paragraph discussing the research design with respect to the class topics related to quantitative research. Focus on research design, sampling techniques, instruments/measures used to collect data, and/or issues of validity and reliability. Choose one technical aspect (e.g. sampling, measurement, design, validity) to comment upon.

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The Implications and insights gleaned from the close review and examination of this quasi-experimental research article on the efficacy of Responsive Classroom Approach (RC-Approach), has strong implications for both policy makers as well as the world of education. The teaching framework is an integration of social and academic learning. The premise of the framework is actually bi-directional in nature as it asserts that children and/or classrooms which are proficient in the domain of social learner, create the conditions for effective teaching and instruction, just as effective teaching and instruction ...

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