Even if unintentionally, Victor is to blame for the monstrous things (murders) that occur in the novel. But is Victor to blame because (1) he broke the rules of God/science/Nature and made a creature or (2) he did not care for his creature, did not take responsibility for his creation. Do you condemn Victor from the start (position 1) or is he at fault because he did not take care of what he made (position 2, which also means, it's okay to break the rules, as long as you prevent the mess).

Take ONE of these positions and argue it in at least 300 words.

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Victor Frankenstein is the mastermind who is responsible for creating a creature that eventually committed numerous murders in this novel. From my point of view, he is the one to blame because he, in spite of willing to create a beautiful and good creature, he made a monster. He did not look further and did not consider the consequences that may result from his doing. As a student of medicine, he must have been aware of the negative aspects of his creation and probably considered that something awful could result from it....

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