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The two adjacent periods you have studied (Emergent Nation and University Transformation) resulted in MAJOR changes in the higher education system in the United States. Considering all of the developments of the periods (1790 – 1944) the extremes of the periods were, indeed, nearly separate worlds. Your task is to compare and contrast the OUTCOMES provided by the author for each of the periods.

Compare and Contrast the Outcomes
What outcomes from the Emergent Nation Period continued throughout the University Transformation Period?
Describe the new or unique outcomes of the University Transformation Period.
What was the most significant factor, in your opinion, in the differences in development in the sciences from one period to the next?
Describe, in 3 – 5 sentences, what you believe to be the development from each period that has endured to the present day (positive or negative).

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The most important outcomes which remained relevant from the Emergent Nation Period through the University Transformation Period were the emphasis on a liberal arts education and the idea that further education required higher degrees and expertise. For example, ideas like specialized schools for medicine, engineering and the sciences arose during the Emergent Nation Period and blossomed during the University Transformation Period. Law was one of the few professions which required a doctorate during both the Emergent Nation Period and the University Transformation Period. University presidents realized that other professions required a greater amount of specialization for a core of highly competent individuals to drive the United...

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