Read few white papers related to early childhood. Pay attention to advocacy and professionalism in early childhood.

What do you notice the white papers have in common?
Actions for What do you notice the white papers have in common?
Is one easier to follow than the others? Why or why not?

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White Papers: Issues Pertaining to Early Childhood Education
The denotation of the term “white paper” is an authoritative guide or report which provides empirical information on a complex issue in a concise delivery format that is easily understood (Montgomery, 2015). The goal of a “white paper” is to make certain that the common man is able to understand the issue at hand regardless of its’ level of complexity and to rightfully take a side in light of the empirical presentation of two sides of the argument and/or topic of record. The etymology of the term is British and over time the actual format of the document has changed in both format and presentation. Today’s design of the “white paper” is used more often to give readers a balanced read in terms of empirical information and to persuade readers to make an informed decision and ultimately take as side once a balanced review, analysis and examination of the literature has been completed. The first article review and examination was entitled: “Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood-What Every Policymaker Should Know” (Cooper, Masi and Vick, 2009). This work was very literal and presented many of the findings in bullet form, which assisted in the organization of the information and assisted the reader(s) in readily defining the most important points with little or no difficulty....

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