Advocacy and Professionalism in Early Childhood Assignment

-Write a paper about preventing obesity on children

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Delimiting Early Childhood Obesity (A war that can be won!)

The document is intended to be an empirical overview of the causes and/or origins of early childhood obesity. The issue of overweight children during the early childhood years has become a national epidemic as the number of children who can be readily identified as such has more than doubled since 1980 (Strauss and Knight, 2009). Not only has this said number representative of this population increased, but the statistics are even more daunting for African American children as well as children of poverty. Hispanic and Mexican children are also very highly represented within these very dismal numbers (Strauss and Knight, 2009). In a national survey of American Indian Children, (29%) were found overweight in and during their formative (early childhood) years as it relates to growth development. As a result of many of these bad choices as it relates to early childhood obesity, 70 percent of this aggregate population has a chance of becoming overweight (obese adults)...

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