Make an annotated bibliography.

Use evidence based practices to guide health teaching counseling, screenings, outreach, disease, and outbreak investigation, referral, and follow up throughout the lifespan.
- use written, verbal, nonverbal, and emerging technology methods to communicate effectively.
- visit websites in relation to the topic of your teaching plan. summarize 5 of the websites you visited on your "field tip" by writing an annoyed bibliography.
- summary of website purpose, content, strengths or limitations in relation to your teaching plan, and how you might use it in your teaching plan, or why you would not use the website in your plan.
-each website annotation must include a systematic analysis of reliability and validity of info.
- accredited websites that are teaching material, not only articles. The patient education topic has to be about prevention only, not disease.
- APA format
- cover page
- abstract

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Teen Mental Health is an exceptional comprehensive website which provides a gamut of materials, resources, agencies, organizations and contacts related to teen mental health as well as some of the secondary manifestations of the disease. The website is for all audiences who are interested in meeting the many and varied needs of the teen with Mental Health issues. The resources are organized by a “tool box” which organizes all of the resources into meaningful categories, which makes the website both easy to follow and very well organized. In the close review and examination of the website many of the resources are validated and cited appropriately in accordance to APA guidelines. This resource is exceptional for those looking to meet the many and varied needs of teens and would be a valuable tool for the following stakeholders: teachers, students, parents, practitioners, helping professional and of course the list goes on....

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