Write three page paper in APA format. A theoretical opinion piece answering "What is Higher Education Policy?". The basic idea is to imagine your audience as future learners in the field of Higher Education Leadership and they know very little on this topic. You want these learners to develop a better understanding of just what Higher Education Policy is? Use examples from Higher Education to support the ideas raised in the paper.

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After finishing high school, a student can choose to enroll at some of various higher education institutions across the country. These institutions belong either to private or public sector. The higher education policy is not simple a policy that needs to be followed by covered entities. Policy is set of rules – requirements that should serve for gaining the best possible result. To understand the importance of higher education policy the example of the Board of Regents (BOR) could serve as good starting point. BOR is governing body that creates and incorporates the policy to public higher education institutions. The responsibilities of BOR are to supervise, manage and regulate system within particular area. The latest working result of BOR is the implantation of a new learning support policy. One of the desired results of this policy is to decrease the time students are spending on their developmental courses. This should make such surroundings where students could develop their practical knowledge better, and also the skills gained should enable them to be more successful at college level courses. Moreover, another benefit of this policy is resources freeing up and eliminating college financial responsibility. Speaking of diversity in higher education...

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