Please conduct a literature review on: Spinal Cord Injury and rehabilitation in the UK.

In addition to answering specifically the word document i upload I need all important topic terms to be defined and cited. (e.g. what is Spinal cord injury? What is a traumatic injury? What is rehabilitation? etc) Please follow exactly what I ask in the word document. Each question or topic I need at least a paragraph of 100 words.

Some of the questions are answered to provide you with guidance of what I mean for the answer. But I need you to go beyond what I have answered and provide citations for it. All the answered should be cited so I can go back and find the source and use it for further research.

It is important to note that my topic is spinal CORD injury not the general term of spinal injury. Please make sure all the sources and information if specific to spinal cord injury.

There is a data-base where I will use for the basis of my data. The data base is called TRAN. Please provide a summary of what this is and from where and how they collect there information. This is an important part but is given in the word document. Do not be afraid to use Charities for Spinal Injury for some of the references. They can provide valuable information for statistics in the UK.

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The term ‘spinal cord injury’ represents a complex set of causes, symptoms, and prognoses – it is neither a monolithic term nor a monolithic, single condition. As such, what is meant by the term can vary dramatically, though there is a single common thread to every use of the term and every instance of the condition: the spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down the canal in the spine—which protects it—and is responsible for carrying communication between the brain and every part of the body.

Standardly, a spinal cord injury (SCI) “refers to damage to the spinal cord resulting in loss of function such as movement and sensation (feeling). Damage to the spinal cord can happen through tearing (laceration), pinching (compression), inflammation, and lack of oxygen and nutrients to the spinal cord.” (Flett, 2011)[a detailed, almost-technical, information guide developed with SCI patients and caregivers squarely in mind, in turn based on the initiative researched and outlined here...

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