Explain why it is important for a public health professional to understand the immune system.
Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic:
How would you help a person who was resistant to the idea of vaccination understand the risks as well as why a particular vaccination is important for them or for their child?
What are the challenges and progress made surrounding a particular type of vaccination that interests you?
What are some ways that the "hygiene hypothesis" is relevant to public health?
What role does the "gut" play in the immune system and what lessons can be learned from research in this area?
What articles can you find that help you understand immune system concepts?

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The Immune System
Vaccines are mild forms of a disease that physicians introduce into the body of healthy individuals to allow for the formation of antibodies against a given illness (Federman, 2014). However, in spite of the benefits of vaccines, such as the prevention of deadly diseases like poliomyelitis in children, some individuals are resistant to take dosages for themselves or their children....
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