Select a topic in risk management, and write about 1,750 words or more, analyzing an issue and developing an apposition for managing the risk.
And include the following components in your paper.
Problem statement
Supporting work,
Counterargument and conclusion.
And include at least 6 scholars.

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Teamwork is a critical ingredient in the provision of quality healthcare services. The world of healthcare is very broad and specialized and no single professional can deliver a complete episode of healthcare services, hence it is vital that the team is not only effective, but interdisciplinary in nature and in design (Smith, 2005). The curriculum and instruction within our nation’s undergraduate and post graduate programs does not explicitly and deliberately teach “effective teaming practices” as a specialized area of instruction as it is assumed that these skills are to be learned on the job (Smith, 2005). In the healthcare field, it must be remembered that quality of care is dependent on the effective interdisciplinary expertise and teaming of health care practices although they are not trained in such practices.
Multiple studies have readily identified “teamwork” as a prerequisite for high quality and safety in patient care, however there is still limited understanding of how the value-added healthcare practitioner adds or contributes to “effective teamwork” in their day to day routines and job responsibilities (Russell, 1994). Improving existing healthcare teams is the topic that is representative of the majority of current literature, however the work needs to be refocused on identifying and defining the requirements and/or attributes for effective healthcare teams, so that the efforts to develop such team can be dealt with on the front end of the professional development process for respective healthcare practitioners...
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