Write a paper in which you detail your description of a human or capital resource benchmark. Include a chart in Microsoft Excel in which you monitor the benchmark process over a period of time.

Compare an organization's performance against the benchmark. Answer the following questions:

•How was the benchmark developed?
•Who designated it?
•Why is this benchmark relevant to your strategic plan?

Include the following elements:
•Graphical comparisons of actual performance versus benchmark
•Gap analysis
•Recommendations to close gap
•Timeframe for meeting goals

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Healthcare Administration and Management is a very important field as the quality of such organizations can mean life or death in some instances. Within “the world of healthcare” there are multiple methodologies to create effective healthcare structures which promote optimal care for its clients, however the methodology which appealed most to me was the Interdisciplinary Approach as it allowed for the team approach to maximize the performance of both the team and the individual simultaneously. The Interdisciplinary Approach is an organizational approach which utilizes the strength of the many and varied teams or areas of specialization within an organization by bringing them together as a single entity to strengthen the decision making processes as well as the performance of organizational goals and/or expectations by synthesizing the efforts as well as the expertise of all stakeholders toward one common goal(s) (Smith, 2005). As evidenced by the review of literature, Organizations which subscribe to the Interdisciplinary Approach tend to embrace human capital to assist in developing healthcare professionals on both a professional and personal level. The connectivity of these two very important frameworks can create optimal performance when implemented in a seamless and integrated fashion, that being the Interdisciplinary Approach and authentic investment in human capital (Smith, 2005). Human capital is the sum total of all competencies, habits,...
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