2. Develop a position paper or policy brief that addresses a topic that is important to global health. Paper should include:

a.Description of problem you are addressing and its overall importance to global health

b.Delineation of policy or policies that you are proposing to address the problem

c.Scientific basis for proposed policies

d.Why you believe the position you are taking or proposed policies will address the problem (use case studies to support your position)

e.Recommendations for implementation of the proposed policies

Overall paper requirements:

• Use Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri font, either 11 or 12

• 5-7 pages, not including references

• 1 inch margins, 1.5 spacing

• Appropriate use of references for all cited facts, data, and other information that comes from an outside source (APA style)

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Health Literacy

As the population in the United States continues to grow so does the diversity of the population with it brings the introduction positive aspects of new cultures, traditions, languages and beliefs.
Conversely, it also provides a glimpse into the negative components of the daily lives of individuals with low income, poor health, the language barrier, minimal education and the inability to function in society.

All of these components impact the health of the individual, family and community as it creates bias, preconceiving a mental image of individuals without the capacity to exchange information, comprehend directions and communicate personal issues or asking for assistance.

According to a report commission by the Joint Commission (2007) the risk for miscommunication and failure to follow physician orders is more prevalent than many realize.
A to a literacy survey (as cited by the Joint Commission, 2007) a large portion of the population (29%) have basic literacy skills to comprehend verbal instructions while only (14%) have the skill to understand written instructions.

Furthermore, the capability of Americans to utilize numbers is even lower 33% have basic with 22% have below basic quantitative skills defined as the inability to solve simple arithmetic problems (addition and subtraction).
Admissions is the first point of contact a healthcare industry as with a patient it is this point in which a patient has papers to complete which includes patient rights’ information and a in the development of the treatment plan.

Patients who are knowledgeable about the options, possible side effects and consequences of care or deciding not to undergo treatment will make a more informed decision.
The use of plain and simple language during the face to face communication should be a normal part of the conversation which ensures the information is understood....

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