Explain why issues in global health have become a significant issue in foreign policy and diplomacy including the significance of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). Use a minimum of 5 different references (books, articles or web pages) for the assignment.

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Health diplomacy builds a basis for much more than the well-being of American citizens constructing a foundation political to establish long term relationships with other countries in the development of foreign policies. Establishing partnerships with other governments to support and achieve mutual health initiatives can prove to be beneficial as other political agendas are addressed extending the partnership into academia, domestic initiatives and nongovernmental policy development. The health of individuals is a culmination of a variety of components; biological, environmental, social, education and economic while the population level is significantly increased in complexity with the potential implications just as diverse. The hardship implicated by untimely death and disability is not equitable across populations and or between countries. As life expectancy increases global health has become a growing concern trigging the need for advanced technology and strides in learning new interventions as a means for preventative measure, diagnose and treat disease, (Board on International Health, 1997). The United States has a reputation of unparalleled scientific and technical expertise in the healthcare industry with the capacity to broaden the life expectancy and quality of life as never before. Income plays a significant role in the improvement of quality of life, health and survival rates as a result of education derived from knowledge acquired relating to determinants and application of mechanisms to assess public health data in relation to prolonging life expectancy. It is strongly urged the United States enters into a partnership with other countries and international organizations (Board on International Health, 1997) to take advantage of the benefits in medical science and technology taking a pivotal place in global health.
The most significant contributions to the healthcare industry has taken place within the past fifty years. According to the Committee on the U.S. Commitment to Global Health (2009)
In conjunction with four U.S. governmental agencies and five private foundations the Institute of Medicine developed...
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