Explain the policies and role of the WHO, CDC and individual countries in reporting and controlling infectious diseases. (Subtitles are Recommended).
Use a minimum of 5 different references (books, articles or web pages) for the assignment – Submit a 4-6 page paper with a minimum of 3 full pages of referenced discussion content. Papers can be longer than 6 pages

Use these sites for reference:
WHO Disease Response
WHO Global Outbreak and Response
WHO International Health Regulations
CDC Disease Control Project
Office for Global Health
Global Health Resources
Disease Control Priorities
Burden of Disease
PBS Deadly Diseases

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With the advancement of technology enabling the transportation of food, material goods, animals, capital and people worldwide supporting the easy exchange and relocation. As a result a conducive environment is being created for the transportation of pathogens to be transported on airplanes, individuals and various products. Although there has been significant advancement to control infectious disease over the past decades and to some extent eradicate some forms of deadly disease according to a workshop conducted by the Institute of Medicine (Knobler, Lemon, Mahmoud, and Pray, 2006) over 13 million people die worldwide as a result of infectious disease annually.

While developing countries are confronted with the most significant challenges in the battle against infectious disease it is still a global issue. A major component of the fight is the development of new diseases, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which were unforeseen necessitating critical intervention. As the threat of new, recurring and fast spreading global disease continues the requirements for a collaborative effort to address these diseases will continue to grow.

World Health Organization
The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to monitor the global issues of infectious disease ready to alert in the event the need takes place. Sharing skills, knowledge and experience is essential to meet the needs of infectious disease of the global population regardless of where or when it takes place....
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