World Food Program and Food/Water Safety

Describe the UN World Food Program and discuss the key issues/policies involved with global food security and water safety systems. (Subtitles are Recommended).

Submit a 4-6 page paper with a minimum of 3 full pages of referenced discussion content. Papers can be longer than 6 pages

Use these as references:
UN World Food Program
Feeding the Hungry of the World
Food Aid
WHO Food Safety
International Food Safety Authorities Network -
WHO Initiative
WHO Microbiological Risks in Food
WHO Zoonoses in Food
WHO Foodborne Disease

Water, sanitation and Hygiene
Safe Drinking Water
Water Related Infections
Emerging Issues

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Fighting hunger worldwide. World Food Program (WFP) is part of a voluntary funded the United Nation’s which was started in 1961 with the vision of every man, woman and child to continually have access to food achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This vision works in concert with an associated United Nation’s organizations located in Rome the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) -- as well as other government, UN and NGO partners. Typically the World Food Program reaches 90 million people by means of food assistance in 80 countries annually, employing approximately 13,500 people, (Fighting hunger worldwide, 2014).

The program is founded upon four main principles, which are;
1. Save lives and protect livelihoods in emergencies;
2. Support food security and nutrition and (re)build livelihoods in fragile settings and following emergencies;
3. Reduce risk and enable people, communities and countries to meet their own food and nutrition needs;
4. Reduce undernutrition and break the intergenerational cycle of hunger”, (Fighting hunger worldwide, 2014).
Supported initiatives at the local, national and regional level the WFP food and security operations and its efforts work in establishing a world without hunger by maintaining a focus on providing nutritional aid the most needy and undernourished people in the world.

World Hunger. According to the World Food Programme there are 820 million undernourished people in the world which means one in eight people do not get enough to eat to lead a healthy life and maintain an active lifestyle. More prevalent than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS malnutrition is the global primary risk factor which when worked as a combined effort can be solved....
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