Discuss the policy issues related to conflict on the overall health care system in a county at war and specifically address the affect on women, children and the elderly.
Please - Discuss each group individually. (Subtitles are Recommended).

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Healthcare is necessary even during times of war. As a means of combating infections, injuries, assisting the sick, pregnant, and young.Time does not stand still or take a break during times of war in some cases it may intensify due to individuals living in closer proximity and lessened sanitary conditions. An issue of concern is accessibility to healthcare in war torn areas demanding elevated focus upon the conflicting issues associated with the healthcare system as a result of a shortfall of healthcare staff, inventory supplies and delay in treatment, immunizations leading to growth in infectious disease.
Existence and access to healthcare in a war torn country has and continues to be a serious issue. It is a difficult to provide healthcare for thousands of people impacted by war lacking medication, vaccine or care in any form. In a country in which violence has been rampant for decades, for example South Sudan primarily over cattle, the Mèdecins Sans Frontières (MSF) may be pressured to expel healthcare workers responsible for the safety of 160,000 individuals, (Lipshultz, 2013). As a means of achieving resolution of issues the responsibility of education cannot be sufficiently reinforced. Postponement of healthcare, individuals typically refer to self-treatment necessitating education in the area of common illness. An example is the self-administering of vaccinations, prevention of infection, and other preventative mechanisms. The MSF or...
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