Discuss how the environment affects health and why this is an important global health policy concern. Subtitles are Recommended).

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Developing risks to public health associated with climate change and the way the vulnerable population is to be protected is changing. The World Health Organization (WHO) has an effective and established agenda to safeguard health from climate change led by World Health Assembly resolution. By its country, regional and corporate headquarters, WHO delivers evidence and maintains capacity constructing and implementing projects to intensify the health system response to climate change, guaranteeing the health is appropriately considered in decisions made by other divisions, vitality and transport.
Upscale and global environmental risk impacting human health encompasses climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, and changes in the economic system impacting the loss to biodiversity, shifting in hydrological systems and the supplies of freshwater, urbanizing, deterioration of land, and emphasis upon the food production industry.
The Lancet sponsored the creation of the report collaborated by a group of specialists from the University College of London. In the report delivered on May 13, 2009 climate change was identified as the has quickly become the number one global threat in the 21st century which is estimated to worsen significantly over the next one hundred years (Brahnic, 2009)...

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