Why does the health of Africa impact the health of the world and what are the global policy implications? (Subtitles are Recommended).

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Health of the African people is essential to the economic development of the African region is inextricably linked to the combating and supporting of disease. A report clearly indicates countries in Africa cannot grow further either economically or socially unless enhancements in the health of the African people are mitigated. Providing access to the African people to preventative care, diagnostic treatments and other health care services must be developed. Economically Africa cannot prosper without financial funding to invest in proven healthcare interventions. Impact of disease upon the economic welfare of a country can impede the social progress and economic development in major ways sometimes pushing inhabitants into poverty. Income is a fundamental aspect both a cause and effect as indicated by various studies seeking to quantify the macroeconomics of healthcare costs, (World Health Organization., 2014).
There are a number of environmental health risks confronting the African population; pollution inside and outside of the home, unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, inability to safely prepare food are barriers to the African regions...

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