Defining Health

Healing is a term with countless connotations.

1. What does "healing" mean to you?

2. There are diverse rituals surrounding the birth of a baby, both cultural and religious in nature. Describe three practices that occur cross-nationally and three practices that occur across religions to protect the newborn and mother.

3. There are diverse cultural and religious rituals for dying, death, and mourning. Describe three practices that occur cross-nationally and three practices that occur across religions to deal with dying, death, and/or mourning.

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Healing can be interpreted as something spiritual or physical which can have a different meaning to a different person within the same industry. A healthcare professional’s definition of healing can be the diagnosis, treatment and the completion of the plan at the conclusion of which the patient is free of the disease or illness for which the treatment was prescribed. Alternatively healing can be the administration of physical therapies or medication while not eradicating a disease or illness alleviating enough of the symptoms or characteristics of an illness or disease the quality of life for the patient significantly improves.

Just as there is diversity in the interpretation of the definition of healing there is also a variation in the rituals to which a group of individuals adhere to surrounding the birth of a child dictated by the cultural and religion to safeguard the health of both the newborn child and the mother. The birth of a child is a very significant event in the lives of the parents and the entire extended family for that matter....

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