Subject - Compare and contrast the four populations listed below - discuss the similarities and differences between how the four populations deal with the topics

Paper title: Common Problems in access to care for these four population groups

1) Health and Illness in the Hispanic Populations
2) Health and Illness in Asian Populations
3) Health & Illness in the Black Population
4) Health & Illness in the American Indian & Alaskan Native Populations

Paper must include title page, table of contents, and be formatted in APA (subheadings, double space text, citations, and reference list). Minimum 9 pages

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Access to Care

There have been a number of studies related to racial and ethnic minority patients receiving care significantly inferior based strictly as a result of ethnicity. A critical analysis of the literature to analyze the racial and ethnic disparities in regard to spinal cord injuries care, services and outcomes was performed (Arango- Lasprilla, Gary, Nicholls, Shaburger, and Stevens, 2011). This particular study revealed the composition of ethnic and racial population of the United States is changing predicting by 2050 minorities will comprise approximately 54% of the population with Hispanics, African Americans and Asians attributing to 30%, 15% and 9% respectively, (Arango- Lasprilla, Gary, Nicholls, Shaburger, and Stevens, 2011). These figures are of particular interest to the healthcare industry as racial minorities’ typical face a significant barrier to accessing healthcare than other population.
Health and Illness in the Hispanic Populations

Access to healthcare in rural areas is difficult; however, to further complicate the issue is the barriers confronted by Hispanics. An analysis of three north central Texas area counties was assessed to determine the impact upon this group. Without sufficient access to primary, secondary and tertiary care any population faces health issues with minorities confronting significantly more problems. Hispanics living in rural areas with chronic conditions which with early diagnosis and adequate care can medically manage healthcare issues. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (as cited by Duran, 2012) it is estimated between five and seven and a half million Hispanics can be suffering from onset diabetes while less than of have been diagnosed with the disease. Key issues hampering healthcare is lack of medical insurance and no routine source to healthcare.

Cultural barriers. According to the Office of Minority Health (2014) the health of Hispanics, the largest and fastest growing minority population in the United States, is heavily influenced by the language barrier lack of health insurance and access to preventative care (Peterson-Iyer, 2008). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified leading causes of death in the Hispanic communities as heart disease, cancer, and accidental injuries....
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