1. Explain how modern healthcare organizations are using the data warehouse and the Internet for their continuous improvement activities. Provide at least one good example of a data warehouse application and one good example of a web application.

2. You are the CIO leading a KM committee for a large multi-specialty physician group practice. What dimensions of KM performance will you recommend that your committee routinely monitor for the group practice? Please provide a few practical examples of measures for each dimension.

Both questions need to be answered in APA format and minimum of 200 words. Please use many references in the answers.

Help for answering the second question: Implementing Electronic Medical Records by Leah Hoffmann

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Current healthcare organizations utilize data warehouses as an enterprise repository for data, according to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)(n.d.) an integral component for the linking of external data and data sources which allows users to collect pertinent and appropriate information related to health care programs and the population served. A data warehouse enables users to investigate, interact, and extrapolate data by means of graphs, reports, assessment tools, downloading data and utilizing services.
The HRSA data warehouse is available for public use which is also utilized by health care professionals, providers and other interested parties to...
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