1. The healthcare workforce is increasingly diverse, with representation from many different nationalities and cultures. As a healthcare manager, what steps would you take to manage diversity in the workplace and promote multi-cultural competency in your staff?

2. It is often said that hospitals that generate strong loyalty in their employees are rewarded with strong loyalty from their patients. Why do you feel that this is the case? As a healthcare manager, what are some specific things that you would do to promote employee loyalty in your own organization?

3.   Review the website of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.
As a hospital department director or senior manager, what resources of ASHHRA would you find most useful for yourself and your staff members? Provide some specific examples.

Must be 200 words in APA writing style with at least three references.

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1. Diversity in the workplace is not just a dynamic within the healthcare industry it is a part of the country as indicated in a report by the Institute of Medicine (2004). Increasingly diversity has become an important issue in the treatment of a diverse population to achieve greater patient satisfaction, patient education and taking advantage of the full range of benefits available. The result of the report revealed the need for cultural competence, a need for a formal education program for health care professionals. Various health professional associations which include the American Medical Association, theAssociation of American Medical Colleges, the American Association of Medical Students, theAmerican Academy of Nursing and the National Association of Social Workers endorse this training program.
Establishing a program...
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