1. Read 14 tips for implementing electronic medical records by Tony Ryzinski.
You are the CIO of a community hospital in the U.S. Northwest. Your hospital senior management team has reached the decision to implement a complete electronic medical records (EMR) system for the facility. While there is good support from some of the younger doctors on staff, many of the senior physicians are expressing reluctance to work on the EMR system. What steps will you take to optimize your chances for success in implementing the new EMR system?

2. You have learned in this unit that creating the operational budget for a healthcare facility is not a once-per-year event. It is a continuous process with an annual cycle. List and describe the six key steps in the operational budget cycle, and briefly summarize the activities that take place in each step.

3. How would you describe the purpose of internal consulting in a modern healthcare organization? As CEO, CEO, or senior manager, what steps would you take in implementing internal consulting for your own healthcare facility?

4. Review the website of the Healthcare Financial Management Association:
What is the role of this organization in modern healthcare leadership? What professional growth opportunities do they offer their members? Would you personally consider a career path involving Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)? Why, or why not?

Each question much be answered in APA format with at least 2 or 3 references. The answers also must be a minimum of 200 words.

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Successful implementation of an electronic medical record system is more than selecting the system, purchasing the software and equipment and installation. Once the decision has been made to transition to an electronic format for the organization, an assessment should take place to determine, identify and select the most appropriate system for the organization. Once this has been done the decision should be communicated to the entire organization with a plan of action. Ideally the implementation and “go live” for the transition should not take place for the entire organization at one time.
Prior to the implementation training for the staff is necessary. By rolling out the system one department at a time, the training should take place in the same...
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