Health & Safety in the Nursing Home Industry

You have been asked to talk with a group of junior nursing home administrators and administrators-in training about health and safety concerns in the nursing home industry. The recent publication “Work related injuries among certified nursing assistants working in US nursing homes” has been a topic of discussion among the group. Your role, as an Occupational Health Consultant, is to reiterate the importance of nursing homes in today’s society and address nursing home-specific health and safety concerns. You have decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Health & Safety in the Nursing Home Industry”. Among the key points you plan to address are:

- Trends and projections for the aging population in the U.S.
- Overview of the nursing home industry (i.e. types of services provided, demographics of nursing home residents).
- Demographics of the nursing home workforce.
- Description of occupational hazards in nursing homes. (i.e. ergonomic hazards).
- Distinction between occupational injury and occupational illness and examples of each in nursing homes.
- Factors that may compromise worker health & safety in nursing homes
- Organizations that impact nursing home quality of care. (i.e. accrediting bodies, unions)
- Identification and role of agencies concerned with health & safety of workers in nursing homes.
- Prevention and intervention strategies used to prevent, reduce or eliminate occupational hazards.
- Recommendations for new nursing home leaders to minimize safety concerns in the workplace

Prepare a 15 to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation addressing key health and safety concerns for nursing home leaders. Be sure to address each item in the bullet point list provided above. Elaborate on the information presented in your slides in the notes section of your PowerPoint. Keep in mind, this is a graduate-level research assignment.

Be sure to include your sources in your presentation. Additionally, submit your references, cited in accordance with APA, as a separate Word document.

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Health and Safety in the Nursing Home Industry (17 slides)
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