The paper should be written based on the movie " A Civil Action". If you have not seeing the movie, there are a lot of information regarding the movie on-line.
You can continue on adding more to what I wrote.
Based on your approved movie selection, please respond to the following questions:
1. Identify and describe the community, environmental or occupational health issue or concern that was evident in your movie selection.
2. Comment on the behavioral, social, structural, political, cultural and/or other factors that contributed to the issue.
3. Discuss how the community, environmental or occupational health issue has had an impact on, currently impacts or can potentially impact society.
4. Discuss programs, policies or regulations that address this issue in today’s world. Comment on whether or not these strategies have been effective. Provide evidence to support your position.
5. Make recommendations for additional strategies at the individual, community, organization or societal level that can be used to address the issue.
6. Identify at least one barrier or challenge individuals, communities and/or organizations may face when implementing your recommended strategy. Offer a solution for each barrier.
Please submit your responses in a 5-page paper (not including title page and references). As with all written assignments for this course, papers must follow the APA.

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Environmental issue is a known process such as resource consumption that has negative effects on the sustainability of the environmental quality necessary for the well-being of the organisms living in it. The 1988 film “A Civil Action” directed by Steven Zaillian explained how “One of the first questions people faced with a cancer diagnosis asks is, "What caused this?”. In the event when young children are involved in these deadly diseases when typically cancer is not a disease that would typically affect young children. Often family members learned that a health defect or foreshadow certain types of colon cancer for instance, or an unhealthy behavior such as smoking jacked up your risk. But it could also be something lurking in the environment, a carcinogen that has entered the water supply, soil or the air where we live, work, play or attend school.
A Civil Action represents an honest, accurate description of a civil lawsuit. The movie depicted personal injury lawyer named Jan Schlichtman who sues two major companies, Beatrice foods, and Grace Industries after he has accepted a case which he thought would have been just like his other cases have been in the past. He soon realized that the case had a different catalyst from his other cases; he became emotionally attached and wanted nothing more than to find the truth about the wrongful deaths cases of eight children.
Environmental Health. In the 21st century there have been many environmental health gaps facing America and other countries. These gaps have hindered and reduced the efforts to reduce diseases and increased the burden on families and communities. These environmental factors have increased chronic diseases such as cancer, birth...
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