Create a literature review of a minimum of 10 literatures and 12 pages
Subject: AIDS Stigma, HIV Testing Attitudes, and Voluntary HIV Counselling in Impoverished City of Haiti
Please see and examples for articles in the following topics:
Substance Abuse, Violence, and HIV in Women
HIV/AIDS-is highly prevalent among impoverished urban women and potentially associated with poor HIV outcomes.
HIV, Reproductive Aging, and Health Implications in Women
HIV-positive women will experience the onset of menopause, while concomitantly they may also be affected by metabolic complications related to the HIV infection and to HAART.
Clinical Differences between Younger and Older Adults with HIV/AIDS
Clinical and immunological data about HIV in older adults from low and middle income countries is scarce
HIV/AIDS and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Literature Review
Changing strategy in HIV/AIDS
Stigma of People with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

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For the purposes of this assignment a literature review has been conducted pertaining to the subject of HIV/AIDS with the stigma attached to the disease with the impact associated to women and children. A search was performed which identified the topic of HIV/AIDS, violence related to individuals diagnosed with the disease primarily women and children. Within this particular population an assessment of the stigma, violence and substance abuse associated with the illness was assessed. Reproductive and aging in combination with poor health as a result of HIV/AIDS confronted by these same individuals living in low income areas particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa was another aspect of this literature review. After four decades evaluating the challenges of the differences between the older adults in middle and low incomes was also ascertained.
As a means of compiling the articles for this literature review a search of peer reviewed journals was performed of articles no older than five years. Key words included; HIV/AID, women and children, stigma, menopause, Africa, low and middle income, violence, substance abuse, gender-based violence. The search was performed using a Library and Information Resource Network (LIRN) database specifically these databases were searched; CINAHL, LGBT LIFE, ERIC PubMed, NCBI, and SocINDEX. Newspaper articles were excluded from the search during a specified timeframe for the years of 2010-2015 for peer reviewed journal articles.
While the increased availability of antiretroviral therapy has become readily accessible having the potential to debilitate to lessen the concern of the population while the illness itself carries a high stigma throughout the sub-Saharan Africa is apt to compromise not only the treatment and prevention efforts the measurement of the HIV associated stigma has become increasingly significant research. Minimal studies in the area of research evaluating individuals living with HIV/AIDS has been ascertained, as stated by Tsai, Weiser, Steward, Mukiibi, Kembabazi, Muzoora, Hunt, Martin and Bangsberg (2013).
The stigma is exceedingly widespread in East Africa with minimal validated measurement guidelines employed. While a people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) a tool has been endorsed as valid in Tanzania although there is no such tool in East Africa (Tsai, et al. 2013). In an effort to apply reliability and validity Tsai, et al. (2013) suggest the Internalized AIDS-Related Stigma Scale be the measured used to assess the PLWHA in East Africa situations. The resulting evidence suggests a higher stigma...

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