Topic is Time and Stress Management
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Management of time is essential to accomplish tasks, meet deadlines and achieve goals throughout the lifetime of every individual as well as to achieve success in your career for some. Meeting deadlines competing deadlines will often require attention creating overwhelming feelings and raising anxiety and stress levels. For some if these levels continue the health of the individual can be impacted causing serious health issues. Learning how to take charge of stressful situations, manage time, set priorities and know your limits are essential.

There are a number of things which can be done to accomplish this, which are;
• Anticipate and plan
• Break tasks down
• Cross things off
• Don’t procrastinate

Efficient use of time is not a luxury it is a necessity. In years past a manager may have received ten memos daily with perhaps as many voicemails. Today this same manager may receive the same number of memos or voicemails while receiving added to this a hundred or more emails with the majority expecting some response. Decisions must be made daily, managers must prioritize the order of importance to determine what requires immediate attention, which can be can be delayed and those items which can be delegated to another staff member....
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