Case Study: Metropolitan Healthcare Delivery System Recommendation
You are assigned to work on a local healthcare committee in a metropolitan area.
There is a plan to bring a new healthcare delivery system to the area.
You are tasked with deciding which of the four different organized healthcare delivery system models should be chosen.
Select a model that you feel will be most effective.
Provide the pros and any potential cons of the model you select with detailed explanation.

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There has been an increase in the concern about delivery system in the United States. The situation has led to health system planners finding themselves in difficult circumstances; hence, need for consultancy. Most of the health planners have inadequate knowledge to deal with the new management techniques that have been designed for solving the problem in the system. The adoption of new ideas into the health system has been a failure in the past until recently when it was resolved to train health professionals in such techniques. In this regard, computer simulation is a technique that gives planners various dynamic feedbacks in relation to the proposed plans....
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