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Answer questions below:
What explains the directionality of flows in health care?
Patients, health workers, managerial practices?
What are the five segments of patients who are willing to travel across borders to obtain health care?
Are there other patient segments beside these five?
Why is there growing rivalry for inbound international patients?
Under what conditions should a hospital invest in plant and equipment to attract international patients?
What explains the global price differential among hospitals?
Why would countries like the U.S. have 10x the charges for procedures like hip replacements?

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Health Care Management
In health care sector, there is variation in the service provision depending on the potential of health facilities (Cocking, Flessa & Reinelt, 2012). In concern to this, globalization is highly adopted in the health sector as patients seek improved services abroad. Globalization in health care is considered as an aspect that encompasses business aspect as well as variation of service wdue to heterogeneity of knowledge and skills within nations (Shortell & Kaluzny, 2013)....

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