Write a journal about: How, if at all, have you reconciled the HAES philosophy with what are considered the standards for anthropometric assessment? Incorporate insights gained through reading Bacon and Aphramor's article, and from the video of Jane Butler's lecture on the topic.

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There has been a stigma associated with being overweight for decades in this nation. It is widely “known” that overweight individuals will develop chronic illnesses and die sooner than their “healthy” neighbors. Is this true, though? The HAES philosophy actually challenged everything I thought I knew about diet, exercise, obesity, and health. It was both interesting and informative, yet gave solid reasons for the statements made, while maintaining a realistic view of the way society has always portrayed this topic.

The guidelines for people who are considered to be overweight and obese are to lose weight through diet and exercise. The article by Bacon and Aphramor (2011) states this; however, the authors also state that the weight loss is often going to be only a short-term loss....

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