Growth & Development Interactional & Observational Community Based Experience
1. Select one individual who is of age birth through senescence for interaction and G&D observation and assessment—describe the person selected & describe the setting in which this experience takes place.
2. Using a word document TABLE & use the Nursing Process to develop a Plan of Care in assessing/observing/ & interacting with the person selected.
Record this Plan of Care in all of the following (ADPIE) areas: Assessment, (Nursing) Diagnosis, Plan, (method of) Intervention & Evaluation—this table appears in the body of your paper.
3. Includes & documents all areas of background information & assessment for all of the following:
*Age, sex, approximate height & weight
*Physical appearance
*Intellectual abilities
*Developmental tasks (based on a developmental theorist of your choice, e.g. Erikson, Piaget, Bolby, etc.)
*Skill mastery
*Observed behaviors
*Levels of activity for age
*Social adaptation & involvement
*Societal roles & related activities
*Linguistic ability
*Interactional abilities—relationship to others 1:1 or within a group setting
*Culture, mores & beliefs
*Spiritual involvement
4. If applicable, document interaction with selected person’s caretaker or significant other (e.g. infant’s parent, a husband, wife, friend, or other)—briefly describe their designated role & responsibilities with the person you have chosen—this would apply to an infant/young child, or confused, adult, etc.
5. Select a Developmental Theorist & describe how the person you selected “fits in” with the Theorist’s theory of G&D and developmental milestones—site at least 2 examples.
6. PERSONAL summation & overall evaluation of your G&D community based experience—state 2 personal goals that you had for this experience and explain how they were or were not met.

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The person selected for study goes by the name of Jordan Belfort (interesting coincidence – this man however is not the celebrity). Without going into too much detail (detailed observation saved for analytic portion of the paper), Jordan is a middle-aged man, with some wrinkles and some grey hairs showing among the rest of which is natural brown or died so. He is presumably married from the ring on his finger. He is somewhat tall, taller than the average man for sure, and has a nice blue tie on his dark suit which matches his kind blue eyes very well. His posture is simply excellent, and when you combine this observation with the fact that regularly glances at his Louis Vuitton watch and matching black and grey checkered suitcase, one can safely infer Jordan is a business executive, and although concerned about the time, also too relaxed and confident to be impatient or worried about his exact appearance...

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