Subject Administration Health/Medical/Hospital Administration


Write a paper with references.
General discussion of how healthcare is becoming a target of cyber attacks.
Is it protected?
a. Use of Encryption
b. Managing Mobile Devices
c. Application Security
d. Information Security Operations

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Currently, the people of industrial countries on the planet live in a vast and unified forefront of digital information innovation and management. Now more than ever, with the advent of computerized technologies put to work in the storage, computation, and completion of transactions which are integrated and embedded into the very worth and valuation of the world’s various currencies, whether indirectly in the cases of examples of investment securities like derivatives and stocks, or directly, as we see in the real-time valuation of each global currency and cryptocurrency, like the United States Dollar (USD) or Bitcoins (BTC). With the digitalization of monetary and financial policies deeper embedded into the backbone of our national and international economies, we people can see with greater clarity than ever the fact that, in order for the global finances and economics to function correctly, we must have balanced economic and financial order...

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