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Write a wellness journal about removing soda drinks from your diet.
Write at least 1 journal entry per week x 8 weeks = 8 journal entries minimum.

Provide a reflective summary of your experience on how you implemented and maintained your health behavior change.

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Week 1: 23/9/2015
During the first week of my exercise, I opted to initiate an in-depth research about my soda drinking habits. The major goal for the week was to identify the scientific and social standpoint about my dietary problem. Most importantly, I wrote down my health goal and pinned it on the bedroom door. This ensured I had complete awareness of the goal throughout. In addition, I visualized what I wanted to achieve at the end of the eight weeks health challenge. It is amazing how I tend to achieve my goals after I visualize my journey before embarking on it.
Using the available information, I was certain I would develop a workable eight weeks plan that would change my diet to zero soda. Additionally, my research was motivated by the fact that most of soda addicts fail to continue with their intake habits even after dietary intervention. After a subjective analysis of my intake problems, I concluded that there were two major reasons that made me consume two cans of soda daily...

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