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Select a current situation you are dealing with in your job which can be either within your area of responsibility or cross over into multiple departments or operating units.
For those selecting a current situation at work:
1. Briefly describe the situation you have been considering/analyzing over the past four weeks; select one or two issues within the situation on which you will focus for this assignment (recruitment, retention, compensation, staff engagement, organization, authority, communication, cooperation, etc.)
2. How can the Four Frames be applied to the situation?
3. Which Frames are the most challenging to deal with and why?
4. What Strengths are the most important and challenged in dealing with this issue?
5. What specific recommendations would you make and the expected results from those recommendations?
6. What personal Strengths would you expect to utilize to achieve your recommendations and what other Strengths will you seek to assist? How will you include those strengths?
For either Assignment selected, no more than Three (3) double-spaced pages in 11- or 12-point font, exclusive of any appendices, is the page limit. Remember "less can be more" and succinctness is important in your work.

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The Proposed Changes in KMFC
The KMFC, a national hospital in the Middle East faces a serious challenge of workers inequality and demoralization. In the current situation, in the attempt to increase efficiency in recruitment programs, the hospital has employed multiple recruitment structures. However, following the complexity of the structures, some of the employees are over-compensated and have better career development opportunities. The part-time employees, who handle the weekend shifts lacks enough working time and the hospital cover. The difference in employee’s policy creates a breach of professional ethics as well as defies the equity theory. As such, there is the need to adjust the recruitment and retention structure to ensure that all employees enjoy the same level of organizational advantages....

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