1. Write a reflect on the role of compassion in corporate America - particularly a healthcare organization. Often the practitioners (Doctors, nurses, aides) are expected to be compassionate towards patients but where does compassion come into play regarding activities associated with more business related roles - such as Human Resources? What if compassion conflicts with laws/regulations? How does one decide how to proceed? What is compassion? How is it expressed by you and to you?

2. Review the legislation presented from the “An overview of Human Resources”, by McConnell and Fallon. Present in a timeline/outline form the top 6 legislation you feel had the greatest impact on HR. Provide a very brief description of each piece you chose and one paragraph summary (total - you do NOT need to provide a summary for each) of why you chose these legislation.

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1. In managerial roles, individuals are expected to strike a central balance between objectivity and subjective predispositions. Nevertheless, the existence of rigid human resource management policies leads to employees’ inefficiency in balancing the two managerial entities. Similarly, in human resource management the attribute of compassion and focus to people is a key necessity. The in-depth understanding of people’s predispositions leads to an increased efficacy interpersonal communications thus enhancing the flow of processes, information and work relations within an organization (Gibbs, Merchant, Stede & Vargus, 2004). However, in the course of managerial role, managers face dilemma where the need for compassion conflicts with the organizations’ or national laws....

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