Write a paper on the comparison of the US healthcare system compared with other health systems.

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Healthcare Comparisons

According to Kaplan and Porter (2011) the current costs of healthcare in the United States exceeds 17% of the gross domestic product (GDP) while continuing to rise. Comparatively costs in other countries is less than the U.S. yet costs are rising. Reasons for the rise stem from the aging population and new innovations in the treatment of chronic disease. Health insurance companies have established incentives, writes Kaplan and Porter (2011) to providers reimbursing for procedures as opposed to outcomes achieved while patients are left with increasing financial responsibilities for the cost of care for the various services. Building upon these issues healthcare providers have little control on the amount paid as this is typically controlled by the government with little consideration to the costs incurred by the providers in the delivery of care to the patient. Reducing the payor reimbursement does minimize the bill paid by the...

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