Write 2 pages about Nurses and Healthcare Reform.

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For many health care reform and accountable care are mean the same thing, while health care reform impacts the entire industry. Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are groups of healthcare providers working together as “responsible whole designed to provide care to patients as one way in which to accomplish the triple aim”, writes Mensik (2013). The triple aim is to improve the patient experience, improve the health of populations and reduce the cost per capita. Key to achieving the triple aim is nursing as indicated by years of research.

Registered nurses play an essential role in accountable care as the coordination of care involves the integration of the registered nurse is one of the principles of the American Nurses Association (2010) Standards of Practice for Nursing plays a vital role in healthcare reform. Scope of practice for nurses is separated into various functions being the responsibility of different registered nurses rather than being limited to one job description....

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