Task: You are assigned to work on a local healthcare committee in a metropolitan area. There is a plan to bring a new healthcare delivery system to the area. You are tasked with deciding which of the four different organized healthcare delivery system models should be chosen. Select a model that you feel will be most effective. Provide the pros and any potential cons of the model you select with detailed explanation.

The Four organized healthcare system models are in Jonas and Kovner's Healthcare Delivery in the U.S. book. Chapter 10. pages 206-211. Pick one model and write a 2 page response.

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It has been theorized in recent years the changes to the U.S. health policy has been built on the fundamental perspective an increased level of integration will produce a more efficient health care delivery system. An integrated delivery system (IDS) theoretically will produce a higher quality and more patient centered medical system reducing costs. A committee chaired by Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, president of Stanford University, the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care, published findings and recommendations of a research study revealing. Most significantly was the recommendation: “Medical service should be more largely furnished by groups of physicians and related practitioners, so organized as to maintain high standards of care and to retain the personal relations between patients and physicians” (as cited by Crosson, 2009). This finding supports the basis of the integrated delivery system and recommendations of the group practice environment achieving a higher quality outcome with increasing efficiency of care as compared to a disaggregated form of practice....

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