Review the case study about the Montefiore Medical Center’s 2009-2010 strategic plan located in your text, (Kovner et al. (2011)) Chapter. 14 pp. 312-313.


How the organizational performance at Montefiore be measured?
Why don’t all HCO’s have strategic goals like Montefiores?
What contributions should the management team make? Explain in detail.

APA format, 2-3 pages long with Title Page and References.

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How the organizational performance at Montefiore be measured?

Accreditation can serve as a mechanism to influence and assess performance of a healthcare organization (HCO) while improve the quality of care. Accreditation, an external evaluation tool, evaluates the performance of a healthcare organization as it inspects the compliance of a pre-determined, clearly delineated standard which has been put in writing. It is the objective to promote the ongoing improvement of quality as opposed to the maintaining of the bare minimal performance. It has further been acknowledged as the definition emerging from the outcomes of the specific standards by an HCO is established by an unbiased external evaluation of the organization’s performance. There are certain aspects of the accreditation process which have made the system the one of choice for quality performance from the perspective of regulators, providers, third parties and patients in the healthcare system or comparatively to other programs taken from the industrial sector, (Jaafaripooyan, Agrizzi, and Akbari-Haghighi, 2011)....

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