Purpose: The objective of this assignment is to allow the student an opportunity to learn more about challenges faced by human resources within healthcare organizations.

The following items MUST be included in the paper. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a failing grade.

1. Title page
2. Abstract page (begins on page 2): This is a brief summary of your paper. It should include the same elements as in the paper: Introduction, Background, Literature Review, Findings, and Conclusion. Your abstract should be no more than 250 words.

3. Introduction (begins on page 3): In this section, you will introduce the topic. This is where you need to capture the audience’s attention. Why is this topic important, and why should the reader be interested?

4. Background: Provide background on the issue or challenge

The Background section should include:
• If your topic is about a health care related law, act, or policy you need to describe its purpose, when it was enacted, how it is enforced, and the events leading up to its development/implementation.
• If you focus on an issue not related to a law or policy, please use appropriate statistics and data to present your issue/challenge.

5. Literature Review: The narrative should be comparative (compare and contrast what different researchers and writers have to say). You also need to identify any gaps in the literature. Please be able to adequately describe the selected issue or challenge and how it affects human resources within a healthcare organization.

Please keep these tips in mind when constructing the review:
• Group research studies and other types of literature (reviews, theoretical articles, case studies, etc.) according to common denominators such as qualitative versus quantitative approaches, conclusions of authors, specific purpose or objective, chronology, etc.
• Summarize individual studies or articles with as much or as little detail as each merit according to its comparative importance in the literature, remembering that space (length) denotes significance.

6. Methodology: Please describe how you gathered your information (literature review, interviews, secondary data, reports, etc.)

7. Major Findings and Recommendations: Please describe the major findings and then present appropriate recommendations to address the overall issue/challenge. If applicable, also detail ways in which the recommendations can be implemented.
8. Conclusion: For this section you will summarize your major findings. Evaluate the literature, focusing on major methodological flaws or gaps in research, inconsistencies in theory and findings, and areas or issues applicable to future studies.
9. References page: This is the last page of your document. All items in APA format.
Formatting Guidelines:
Your paper must be a minimum of 7.5 pages (excluding title page, Abstract page and References page), double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins. All citations must be in APA format, with a minimum of 10 references. Acceptable references include: peer reviewed articles, reports, data and statistics (from NIH, CDC, WHO, or similar sites), book chapters, and appropriate websites (.org, .gov, .edu). All articles or PDF documents must be found in full format on Google Scholar.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Acquiring, retention and employee turnover are specific areas of success for any organization. Human Resources acknowledges the talent management is not easily achieved or maintained thus the diverseness and extent of this problem requires a wealth of knowledge and skill to not only seek out qualified personnel but to retain these individuals once located.

Healthcare spending continues to rise representing more than 17.2 percent of the nations’ gross domestic product, states Montgomery, (2014, p. 173) in 2012 which is comprised by a variety of categories from technology, administration to labor and supplies which continues to escalate. At the current rate of 3.8 percent per year it is estimated the United States will spend 20 percent of the gross domestic product by 2021, continues Montgomery (2014, p. 174). While there are focused energies to control the costs of healthcare spending in theory research indicates through cost analysis the individual component costs can impact the overall costs.

Talent Acquisition. As a way for an organization to function and function well requires employees, in healthcare a healthcare system requires qualified individuals. Talent acquisition may not always be local necessitating the location of individuals outside of the local area. The problem with this approach requires the undertaking of the credentialing process. In the event an individual a healthcare system is interested in bringing onboard is not local, being an immigrant the process of obtaining and certifying this individual can take months or sometimes years.

Recruitment of qualified employees is only the first step in the process of obtaining employees for an organization. Retention is just as important as the hiring, training and managing the employees as the expense of replacing an employee can be cost prohibitive. Employees are dissatisfied, unmotivated with work which can start an epidemic. Employee satisfaction and worker engagement can be less expensive, cost effective and improve the organization overall. Minimizing employee turnover, improve retention and employee satisfaction should be a priority for any organization....

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